The Local Socialist Group will request at today’s plenary session that the Popular Party’s full-time councillors forfeit their Christmas bonus and that their salaries be cut by 12%.

The spokeswoman of the local socialist group on the town council, Mari Carmen Moreno, will propose an urgent motion at this month’s plenary session, requesting the mayor and his full-time councillors to give up their Christmas bonus and to cut their salaries by 12%. Furthermore, she will ask them to reduce the wages that the rest of councillors receive when they attend plenary sessions by 7%.

In view of the cuts recently enforced by the Spanish government, which include the withdrawal of the Christmas bonus for civil servants, it seems only logical that the measure be adopted by both the local mayor, Bartolomé Hernández, and his councillors. Members of the regional parliament and councillors from other towns have already done so. As Moreno points out, ‘in these times of hardship and massive cuts for the citizens, we must practise what we preach and set an example of austerity and solidarity’.